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Galaxy Business Products is your source for business forms, disbursement checks, coupon and statement papers and year-end tax forms. We provide forms and checks for your system(s) that are compatible with the FICS® software. These products are available to order through Galaxy with many items in stock for immediate delivery. Custom printed business forms and coupon papers are also available. Information and order forms are conveniently located on our website. Galaxy Business Products has a successful working relationship with FICS® and offers FICS® users a combination of experience and product knowledge to help with the order process.

Coupon/Statement Paper

Custom Printed Coupon/Statement paper

Checks Compatible with FICS® for Disbursements

Custom Printed Coupon Books and Return Labels

Envelopes for Tax Forms & Check/Coupons

Laser Coupon/Statement Papers:


 Warehouse number Paper Color Paper Size Description
 R-92 Blue 8.5"x11" Bill & Receipt Paper (perf at bottom)
 R-93 White 8.5"x11"  Commercial Statement Paper (perf near middle)
R-96 White   8.5"x11" Bill & Receipt Paper (perf at bottom)
R-95 White  8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (no left margin perf) 
R-97* Goldenrod  8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)
R-99* White  8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)
R-100* Yellow 8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)
R-101* Pink 8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)
R-102* Blue 8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)
R-103* Green 8.5"x14" Coupon Paper 4/page (left perf)

* coupon paper is compatible with Coupon Books

Custom Printed Coupon/Statement Paper

Customize coupons or statements with your company logo


Laser Checks Compatible with FICS® for Disbursements:

Compatible Envelopes:

CUSTOM PRINTED Coupon Books and Return Labels:

We custom print coupon books for customers who print payment coupons and assemble in house. The coupon book set consists of three parts and can be ordered together or separately:

Front Covers These are 3.5" X 8.5" white glossy card stock covers with a die cut window for customer address to show through and for easy use with the R-68 envelope. The cover can be custom printed with a logo, your company name, address, contact information, or anything else you need your customers to have. Minimum quantity is 500, with price breaks every 1000.

Back Covers These are 3.5" X 8.5" white glossy card stock covers (like the front covers but with no die cut window). The back covers can be printed with our standard payment record table, which allows your customers to keep track of the payments they send over 12 months, or any other information you need.

Return Address Label Sheets These are peel and stick permanent adhesive labels pre-cut into 12 individual labels per sheet. The payment address is printed in black, which allows your customer to apply it to an envelope and return payment to you.

The coupon books are typically assembled by stapling a front and back cover together with 6, 12, or 24 payment coupons which are printed in house on coupon paper that we supply.


Checks, Coupons, and Statements Compatible Envelope:


FICS® 1098 Substitute Form:


Laser Government Tax Forms:

*Please note we can not accept return of tax forms after December 25th*


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