Custom Checks

The custom laser check is a laser bond 8½ x 11 voucher, with the check positioned at the top, middle, or bottom.
We have formats to fit most software systems, please call to inquire if your system is supported.
We can also design a check for your custom software needs.
To order a new check, or make changes to an existing check, see below for the information we need.

Information needed to set up a check

  • A sample voided check from the account, or a MICR spec sheet (provided by your bank or financial institution)
  • Your check heading information which includes, but is not limited to company name, address, phone number, and a website. You can also include a description of the account (i.e. Disbursement Clearing, Escrow, Payroll, Operating Account, etc.)
  • Bank information, including bank name, address, and fractional routing number
  • Logo sent as an original .pdf file or color separated vector file. Please include your logo colors (See Pantone Color Chart ). Send digital files via email
  • Specify one or two signature lines, and if you need wording above and/or below these signature lines. (i.e. 2 signatures required over $5,000, void after 90 days)
  • A starting check number
  • If you need a preprinted number (this includes the number in the top right corner of the checks and on both stubs)
  • Quantity of checks. The minimum is 500 with price breaks at every 1,000
  • For other additions or questions, please Contact Us

Standard and optional security features for custom checks

Numbering Options

Compatible Envelopes: